In Room Dining

  • Honey and Soya Glazed Chicken Wings

    Double fried Chicken wings infused with ginger, Garlic, Local chili pepper, Sesame oil, Brewed soya sauce and cilantro.

  • Salt and Pepper Calamari

    Crispy deep-fried squid dusted with sea salt and Sichuan pepper.

  • Cocktail Spring rolls-3 pieces Vegetable or Chicken (v)

    A Choice of Vegetable, Shrimp or Chicken, Flavored with soya sauce and sesame oil served with sweet chili dip.

    Option of: Shrimp N5,500
  • Cocktail Samosa 3 pieces (v)

    A choice of Vegetable or lamb filled with potato and peas, Aromatic spices Potato and sweet peas curry flavored with qasoori methi and fresh coriander served with mint chutney.

    Option of: Lamb N5,000
  • Vietnamese Summer Rolls 3 pieces

    Summer fresh julienne vegetables, papaya, fresh mint wrapped in rice paper and served with a tonkatsu sauce

    Option of: Prawns N5,500
  • Hummus (v)

    A tasty thick chickpea puree flavored with Tahini paste served with olive oil, Chili pickles and grilled flat bread.

  • Oxtail Pepper Soup

    Slow cooked Local beef oxtail off the bone clear soup with local pepper, Herbs and spices.

  • Catfish Pepper Soup

    Slow braised headless Catfish in onions, tomato, Fresh pepper and locust beans and flavored with fresh utazi leaf.

  • Sweetcorn and Chicken Soup

    Velvety and smooth sweetcorn and chunky chicken velouté topped with fresh cream and parsley.

  • Caesar Salad (v)

    Romaine lettuce, tossed in a traditional Caesar dressing, coddled egg crispy herb garlic and butter croutons and parmesan powder

    Option of: grilled Chicken Breast N8,000 or Sautéed Shrimps N8,500
  • Ancient Flavours

    Norwegian smoked salmon, smoked chicken and apple mayo, guacamole, grilled plantain relish with toasted baguette

  • The Art Club Sandwich

    Three Tier toasted Sandwich filled with Smoked Salmon, Chicken mayo, Turkey ham, Avocado and vegetable trimmings served with parmesan fries.

  • Vegan wrap (v)

    Spiced grilled eggplant kebabs, Hummus, Balsamic onion compote, Shredded lettuce and tzatziki in flat grilled Zaatar bread with parmesan fries.

  • The Art Beef Burger

    Grilled Matured Beef Patti flavored with truffle oil, Smoked paprika mozzarella melt, Perinaise sauce on a homemade bun served with hand cut parmesan fries.

  • The Art Chicken Burger

    Crispy Southern fried chicken breast, Pickled jalapeno mayo, Tomato chili jam, Melted mozzarella in a homemade bun served with hand cut parmesan fries.

  • States Side Chicken and Waffle

    Texas style slow southern fried chicken on a crispy waffle and melted cheese.

  • Classic Margherita Pizza

    With basil pesto pomodoro sauce and mozzarella.

  • Smoked Barbeque Chicken Pizza

    Grilled chicken, Pineapple, Pomodoro sauce and mozzarella.

  • Vito Corleone Pizza

    Salami, Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Green peppers, Pomodoro sauce and mozzarella.

  • Seafood Marinara Pizza

    Shrimps, Calamari, Tuna, Green peppers, Black olives, Pomodoro sauce mozzarella.

  • Fish and Chips

    Cold battered fish fillet, Spicy Mushy peas, Crispy fries’ tartar sauce and fresh lemon.

  • All day Breakfast

    A choice of 2 eggs, Omlette, Fried, Scrambled, Poached or boiled, Grilled herb tomato, 2 grilled sausages, Baked beans and a choice of grilled bacon or turkey ham.

  • Teriyaki Rib Eye Steak AAA Grade

    300-gram Grilled aged Rib eye steak, Roasted seasonal medley vegetables, Confit tomato served with fried Yam Suma or roasted herb potatoes.

  • Spaghetti Bolognaise al forno

    Spaghetti and fresh basil tossed in a slow cooked grounded beef in an Italian herb tomato sauce sprinkled with parmesan dust.

  • Grilled Chicken Penne

    Rosemary and garlic grilled chicken breast cooked in a spinach and chunky tomato sauce flavored with fresh basil, Parsley and parmesan dust.

  • Pesto Rigatoni (v)

    Rigatoni pasta tossed in a creamy homemade Pesto sauce served with parmesan dust.

  • Grilled Jumbo Prawns

    Pan fried tiger Prawns done in a local pepper sauce or lemon garlic herb sauce served with a choice of fried vegetable rice or Smoky Jollof.

  • Char Grilled Lamb Cutlets AAA Grade

    350g Flame grilled Lamb cutlets with a choice of buttered mash potato or roasted honey sweet potato served with wilted spinach and baby marrow truffle sauce.

  • Hand Cut Crispy Parmesan Fries

  • Steamed Sticky and fluffy Jasmine Rice

  • Chef special ‘Smokey’ Jollof Rice

  • Egg Fried Basmati Rice with sweet peas and soya sauce

  • Steamed or Wok Fried Asian Style Vegetables

  • Spicy Prawns

    King prawns tossed in spaghetti and chili sauce or an option of jollof, Fried or steamed rice.

  • Peppered Beef

    Tender beef chunks fried and sautéed in Naija pepper sauce served with a choice of jollof, Fried or steamed rice and coleslaw.

  • Chef’s Special Smokey Jollof Rice

    Slow cooked in tomatoes, Peppers, Herbs & spices served with creamy cabbage salad
    ( Choice of, Assorted pepper meat, Pepper chicken )

  • The Easterner Egusi

    Exotic hearty soup thickened with grounded melon seeds, With steamed pumpkin leaves and African spices with Eba or Poundo
    ( Choice of fish, Chicken, Assorted meat, Or beef ).

  • Western Styled Efo Riro

    A rich traditional vegetable soup made with locust beans, Leafy spinach mixed with aromatic spices in a special tomato sauce with either Eba or Poundo
    ( Choice of fish, Chicken, Assorted meat, Or beef ).

  • The Artisan Amala

    Ibadan styled Amala served in a Fresh, Ewedun, Gbegiri and tomato stew sauce with assorted meat.

  • All Local Soup Dishes Are Served A Choice Of:

    Pounded yam

  • Cheeses

    A selection of cheeses, Served with caramelized onion and apple chutney, Grapes and crackers.

  • Chocolate Lava Cake

    Warm chocolate ramekin served Vanilla ice cream, Chunky banana caramel sauce.

  • Pear and Almond Frangipane

    Butter crusted baked pear and almond tart served with vanilla ice cream.

  • Coconut Lamington

    Coconut and coffee flavored sponge served with chocolate ice cream.

  • Baked Cheesecake

    Classic baked cheesecake Topped with Morello cherry black forest glaze.

  • Baked Malva Pudding

    Apricot flavored pudding served with crème anglaise and vanilla ice cream.

  • At any hour, in- room service offers the same caliber of uncompromised quality as in the Restaurant

  • Full English Breakfast

    Eggs to your liking: 3 egg Omlette, Fried, Boiled, Poached, Scrambled with a choice of sides
    2 Sausages – Beef, Chicken, lamb or pork
    Pork streaky bacon or turkey bacon
    Sautéed button mushroom
    Lyonnais potatoes
    Grilled herb tomato
    Choice of toast – White, Whole meal or gluten free
    Tea & Coffee
    Freshly squeezed juice of the day
    ( Orange, Apple, Mango, or Fruit cocktail juice ).

  • The Art Continental Breakfast

    Locally sourced seasonal fruit bowl
    Choice of yogurt – Strawberry, Vanilla, Natural plain yogurt
    Selection homemade pastries and toast with fruit preserves and butter
    Tea & Coffee
    Freshly squeezed juice of the day
    ( Orange, Apple, Mango, or Fruit cocktail juice )
    Cereals and warm oats with milk.

  • Nigerian Breakfast

    Spicy Nigerian egg sauce– served with yam fries, Fried plantain and chicken sausage
    Egg sauce served with Akara, Custard, Moi and Pap.

  • Pastry basket

    A Basket of homemade artisan breads, Danish pastries, Butter croissant and muffins served with fruit preserves and butter.

  • Poached Eggs Florentine

    Toasted English muffin, Sausages, Grilled tomato sautéed baby spinach, Poached eggs, And hollandaise sauce.

  • Homemade Bagel with Oak Smoked Salmon

    Choice of White or whole meal with cream cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Smoked salmon and chives.

  • Full Brioche Breakfast

    Sweet butter brioche served with a choice of 2 egg of your choice, Crispy bacon, 2 sausages, Seasonal berries, Maple syrup or Nutella.

  • Buttermilk Pancakes

    A choice of American style pancakes or French Crepes served with a choice of 2 egg of your choice, Crispy bacon, 2 sausages, Seasonal berries, Maple syrup or Nutella.

  • Oat Porridge

    With berries, And local honey
    ( Prepared with your choice of milk or water ).

  • Cereal Selection

    Crunchy nut, Special K, Coco pops, Bran flakes, Muesli ( Served with your choice of milk: Whole milk, Skimmed milk, Soya or Almond milk ).

  • Cold

    Green Smoothie – Kale, Lemon, Pear, Natural yogurt & matcha powder
    Banana Smoothie – Oats, Banana, Yogurt, Milk of your choice
    Berry blast – Berries, Beetroot, Honey yogurt
    Juice selection - Fresh juice ( Orange, Apple, Mango, or Fruit cocktail juice )
    Mineral water – Still or sparkling.

  • Hot

    Coffee Selection – Filter Coffee, Cappuccino, Double espresso, Latte, Americano, Flat white, Decaffeinated
    Tea Selection – English Breakfast, Earl grey, Fresh mint, Green tea, Chamomile tea, Black ginger tea, Masala chai
    Hot Chocolate – Served with whipped cream and marshmallows ( Halal ).